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White Label Payment Gateway Solutions in India?

BhartiPay comes up with some cutting-edge payment processing solutions to assist you in launching an online payment gateway under your brand name.
Opt for our white label payment gateway solutions either on lease or buy it. We offer-

  • PCI DSS certification which secures cardholder data against data and information heist.
white label payment gateway in India


Selecting the style, name, domain, and design is up to you. We are pre-enabled with the major Payment options &acquiring banks to extend our support. so, from day one itself, you will start getting merchants on your platform.

Brand Visibility

Adding our white label payment gateway solutions is a perfect way to strengthen your brand over multiple channels and improve your brand image. It is especially beneficial for those businesses that are offering several services and products from third-parties.

Flexible Modules Based structure

Multi-modules comprise together to form the white label payment gateway method.

You need to make the payment only for the required modules by you. Integrate our white label payment gateway solutions with your reports system.

whitelabel payment gateway in India
whitelabel payment gateway in India

Scalable Payment Platform Need of the hour

As you know, the static platform(non-scalable) is unable to match the pace with the evolving trends and the challenges of the industries, they are likely to remain ineffective and eventually, It will die. so, it is the need of the hour to make payment gateway platform scalable. Also, Scalable platforms are adaptable to new technologies.

Due to the modules-based structure, our white label payment gateway solutions are easily scalable. The all-round capacity of the white-label payment system is 200 transactions/sec. On the active payment system, we add new modules on a  frequent basis.
Here, The active payment system integrates new modules on the hop. In this case, There is no requirement for shut down and reboot.

Relatively Affordable payment solutions

When compared to other payment solutions, it is keenly priced. With our white label payment gateway solutions, there is no need to develop the things from scratch as we are providing ready-made cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

white label payment gateway in India

 Integration Options

S2S/ API Integration

  • Sharing transaction data in JSON format is possible because of API Integration.
  • This method has made the process of organizing the payment processing easy.
  • This method restricts the buyer to redirect from the merchant’s site.
  • It is must to have a PCI DSS standard compliance from the merchant.

Readymade payment page

  • Easy and quick integration process.
  • Merchants redirect the clients to make the payment.
  • System’s payment page is safe and secure.

Iframe/Seemless Integration

  • No need of PCI DSS certification.
  • The design and style of the merchant’s site and the payment page complement each other.
  • Buyers are not redirected to go for the payments.
white label payment gateway in India

Advanced Payment Tokenization

Tokenization is done to make the data secure. the regular clients of merchants can make the payment without entering the detailed information related to payments. The token replaces the card number and the Card number can be restored only for unused tokens. It encircles the card transactions with another layer of security. Thus, we can say that the cardholder’s data is secure in every way.


Our white label payment gateway solution is certified every year under PCI DSS Level 1. It is the highest level of compliance. PCI certification is the best way to provide a shield to the insightful information and data. If you are using our white label payment gateway solutions to create your website, you need to follow PCI regulations. Only authorized people can access and encrypt all the confidential data.

whitelabel payment gateway in India
white label payment

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Our white label Payment Solutions guarantee advanced protection to merchants and clients from charge backs. It has a hi-tech safety module that allows to set payment limits, keep a track of buyer’s activity stats, identify the device through which the payment is made, develop security measures for tracing illicit transactions and  report fraud activities without further ado. In addition to this, Our white label payment gateway solutions minuscule possible fraudulent transactions. As a result, it will make customers feel safe.

Settings related to safety are easily accessible at the level of the merchant, shop, and the payment system.

Statistical & Financial reports

Here, we provide you with the statistical reports along with ease of customization for any period. On a daily basis, we finally generate financial reports along with the calculated amount for merchant payouts. Furthermore, Our white label payment services also maintain the authenticity of the reports.

In Ms excel, report export is also available.

It also stores security deposits and payouts.

white label payment
white label payment in india

Technical support

By keeping a check on all white label payment modules, our earnest staff is always striving to guide you round the clock. Above all, Our well-designed API is good enough to save developers time.

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