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Having a reliable team on-board is one of the major keys behind our extreme success. Each of our team members is proficiently knowledgeable in their domain. Collectively, we strive to work towards the similar objective of bestowing our clients with the best possible services and leveraging our loyalty at every touch point.

Sakshi Chawla

CEO and Founder

Our CEO and Founder- Ms. Sakshi Chawla, has a vision to comprehensively revolutionize the entrepreneur world. With a Post Graduation Degree in Business Management from one of the top business schools, she has gained a thorough insight in several business segments and has been bestowed with innovative thinking. Sakshi has been associated with the sovereign banks of the country and has an expertise of more than 10 years while attaining tremendous awards. Now she has been in association with Bhartipay and is taking our payment gateway services to excellent heights.

Sunil Kumar

CMO and Co-founder

Being a master in business studies, Sunil has dedicated his golden 15 years of life to payment and financial market. He has a strong business prowess and proven record of amplifying the investments with his meticulous business strategies. Sunil has worked with top bank ventures while assisting many fintech companies to survive in the competitive market of India and across the globe. He also amalgamated with companies and developed robust aggregation/payment gateway for business organizations, helping them to stay on the curve with multifold payment methods.

Himanshu Arora


Himanshu is running a top-grade business firm since the year 2007. Now with our proficient team, he has stepped successfully in the payment market and is bestowing his prestigious know-how to evolve this industry. He has an aim to enhance payment panaceas for business organizations and provision them with end-to-end online payment solutions. Now he is successfully deployed as the Chief Technological Officer at Bhartipay and is putting his best efforts to leave no stone unturned towards innovative ideas.


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