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For all businesses Our model includes customized pricing for every business need. Integrate our payment APIs over your own website or share payment links to get paid for any product/service

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Payment Gateway

Fast and simply the best Payment Gateway in its most innovative and advanced form with powerful tools to complement your business needs.

Our payment gateway platform offers you various solutions for processing transactions. Our Payment Gateway is integrated with 55+ banks and 265+ payment options offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IMPS etc. Its robust set of capabilities is devised to aid both start-ups and the longest running businesses to grow revenue, alleviate risk and safeguard customer’s data. Our robust online security backed with PCI DSS version 3.2 and 256-bit encryption ensures safe transaction.

White Label solutions

Regardless if you’re a licensed payment institution, reseller or acquirer, you can make the Bhartipay’s gateway your own using its full white label customization options. Pre-select the best payment methods for your merchants, set both internal and external fees in the admin interface and provide a simple to integrate, fully scalable processing platform to your clients of all sizes while simultaneously strengthening your brand.

Enterprise gateway

Our single-integration payment solution gives you access to a vast network of leading acquirers and payment providers and enables you to apply them more effectively. If something changes with one interface, we go ahead and update it without any need for action for you.

If you are enterprise merchant especially who is struggling with multiple sub-brands and their own contracts, various PSPs, legacy payments inclusive of provider lock-ins and a plethora of solutions and fees. The Bhartipay enterprise gateway offers the unrivaled option to evaluate, optimize and thus expand your payment portfolio. Finally compare conversion rates and fee structures and easily set up new routes in order to make the payment journey as frictionless as possible for the end-customer and as efficient as possible for you, the merchant.

Payment Processing Solutions

Payment processing made easy with our state of art solutions.

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