Benefits Of a Payment Gateway Provider For Donors & NGOs

 The Best Payment Gateway Provider for NGO is here to assist the donors

Bhartipay has made its mark in the field of digital payment gateways. In the hope that we will be able to serve a large number of clients through online payments, Bhartipay, the payment gateway provider in India, came into the picture.

Also, we have assisted many online merchants and clients throughout the national boundary with our payment gateway services for NGO in India.

In India and outside India, NGO are accepting online donations from donors living in different parts of the world. We all understand the value of time, and nobody can afford to waste their precious time. However, online payments are a charm in saving time, along with supporting donors with real-time payments.

As a result, our payment gateway provider is becoming an automatic choice for NGO. At present, we are offering exclusive payment gateway services for NGOs worldwide.

Have you ever thought that what your donors look for at the time of making payments? You might not be knowing this answer. Thus, let me brief you that donors look for comprehensive payment options while making online payments.

Also, they expect that the online medium they are using for making online payments must be secure in all way. Above all, Donors are mostly concerned about the safety of transactions while going for digital payments. The points mentioned below showcases our payment gateway offerings for NGO.

Aid to Indian & International Donors

Nowadays, Donors expect payment process to be smooth as well as secure. Also, they always look for ease of payment while making donations through payment gateways. So, if you are running an NGO and hoping to see more donors visiting on your website, you need to make them feel safe and secured otherwise, they will feel reluctant at the time of making payments.

In other words, donors will hesitate to go for online donation. Our payment gateway for NGOs is a well-established payment gateway provider that facilitates safe and graceful transactions in India.

 Payment Dashboard
payment gateway for ngo

Keeping a cursory look on donation reports becomes easy when you get an exhaustive dashboard via our payment gateway provider. Also, it is mandatory to maintain proper donation reports for future reference and other purposes.

Furthermore, your quest for flawless payment solutions will end with payment gateway services for NGOs via Bhartipay.

 Several Sophisticated Payment Options

 In modern time, the need for a wide array of payment options and acquiring banks have increased. Also, you can’t deny the fact that it’s one of the ideal business practice to assist your donors with many sophisticated payment options. Furthermore, if you want to increase the conversion rate, then you have no other option better than providing multiple payment options.

Think for a minute Is it right to force your donor to make the payment through only one medium? Don’t you feel that giving them multiple options will increase their possibilities of donating? Additionally, it’s the right way to showcase the trustworthiness factor of your NGOs.

Also, we have our tie-ups with major payment banks like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and many other payment wallet partners.

Legal Compliance 

payment gateway services for ngosWith our payment gateway services for NGOs, you can assist your donors in donating the money. But before using our payment gateway provider, your NGO must meet all the legal requirements. Besides this, it should also ensure compliance with all the standards, laws, and regulations.

Above all, our Bhartipay is a PCI compliant payment gateway provider in India. Therefore, NGOs are opting for our payment gateway for NGOs.

Product Customization

Customization of the product comes into play when the merchants want to modify the theme as per their requirements. Everybody craves for a personal touch. Therefore, with our payment gateway for NGOs, you will be getting many unique offerings, and you will be able to make the changes with a breeze of ease.

At present, it’s good to see that NGOs are taking advantage of the ‘Product Customization’ Approach. Perhaps, it’s the best technique to win donor’s faith in the organization.

Fraud Prevention Measures

payment gateway for ngoIn the hope that we will be able to put a halt on fraudulent activities, our Payment gateway for NGOs has been working on efficient security measures. Even though we have to achieve much more, still we have never let any fraudulent transactions to happen.

Also, we are concerned about the donors and clients, and we can’t risk their security at any cost. It’s necessary to confront and control the ever-increasing numbers of credit and debit card frauds and data breaches.

Seamless Payment Experience

What’s your take on helping your donors with seamless transactions? Yes, it can be possible with our payment gateway services for NGOs. Our payment gateway for NGOs ensures that seamless payment experience is a breeze with its payment gateway solutions.

Unsurpassed Customer Servicepayment gateway services for ngos

For our merchants, we are readily providing exceptional customer support. Also, we are leaving no stone unturned to meet all the requisites of NGOs and their prospective donors.

Bhartipay provides best payment gateway services for NGOs and is determined to assist the NGOs and their donors in the best possible way.